Wednesday, 23 October 2013

3 Year Old Birthday Party!

This past Saturday we went to Georgina's best friend's birthday. Leo turned 3!!! There was a bouncy castle, a pinata, pin the tail on the donkey, cake, candy and lots of tears. Miriam fell asleep just before it was time to go so Dave stayed home with her while G and I went.
She was soooooo excited. It was the first birthday party she went to where she understood the general concept and was looking forward to it all week.
The Birthday Boy!! Anne, Leo's mom, swears he's been in his terrible twos this past year but I have seen all evidence to the contrary. Leo's a sweet, quiet and thoughtful little guy. With some very serious eyebrow powers.
This is Jackson. He's Georgina's personality twin in male format. They were born one day apart. That must have something to do with it. They will hold hands and give hugs and be pretty sweet to each other until one of them wants what the other has and then it's like the Hunger Games.
All day, Leo was very helpful giving G a boost. Little scamp.
 Oh, another boost. Thanks Leo.
This is Isabella, Leo's cousin. That hair is all natural.
The slide was a huge hit. And the bouncy castle in general was a fantastic idea. Even with all the sugar pumped into these kids all afternoon they were still wiped out by bed time.
All fun and games until someone gets hurt, which apparently is once every 5 minutes in the bouncy castle. By the end, each kid had a bandaid on a finger.
Time to move the party inside.
 The pinata.
Sweet Leo and Margaret minding Georgina with a stick.
 Georgina, Isabella and Margaret playing quietly in a circle. GIRLS!!
This is Oliver, Jackson's baby brother. He was born two days after Miriam and is one of my favourite babies of all time. SO much chub!!!
Jackson playing nicely with mommy. Oliver eating his glasses.
Time for the birthday cake! Jackson was way more excited about it than Leo and was pretty devastated when Leo blew out the candles instead of him. So Anne kindly lit the cake again for everyone to get a turn blowing out the candles.
G's head running into the shot because she was equally super excited. It almost looked like a zombie march, all the kids following the candle-lit cake.
The best part's the icing. Georgina would say it's the only part.
And finally presents!! Leo got lots of cool toys. Funny story about this shot: Leo is unwrapping his gift from Jackson, a set of toy cars. When Arinn, Jackson's mom, brought them home from the store, Jackson sat with them on his lap for two hours just looking at them in their box. Here you see him fist pumping and shouting "YA!"

It was a great birthday party. You set the bar pretty high Anne. Thank you!!

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