Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hansel and Gretel

You know the story where a witch builds a house out of candy to lure children in so she can eat them? Well something similar but way less sinister is happening over at my in-laws. 
It started with a swing set. Pretty basic stuff. But the kids went nuts over it and hours turned to days spent on that. 
Then they bought a water table (a table you fill with water that the children can splash around in without getting wet, Morgan). Nothing too extraordinary but its irresistible to little ones. 
My beautiful niece, Breanne, playing so sweetly with Miriam. 

It isn't just the toys though. Like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, they use candy to lure the children in. Georgina even calls Jan Chocolate Grandma. Actually. 
Are those gummy bears ontop of each sandwich? you ask. Yes. Yes they are. 

They really stepped up their game when they bought the cottage playhouse. Jan says, "Costco can see us grandparents coming a mile away". No kidding. 
Rocks for a floor making all of Miriam's dreams come true. 

But then the real game changer happened this summer. They took it to a whole new level.
The unsuspecting children wandered right into the trap...
Bah-bah-BAH!!! A pool?!?! AH-mazing. 
And it comes filled with cousins!
Georgina wasn't too thrilled with actually getting in the water at first 
But with some awesome hands-on encouragement she soon become a little fish. 
Look at them so proud of themselves; a plan come together. They certainly know what they're doing. On second thought, it's more like A Field Of Dreams. If you build it, they will come. 
Careful, Jan and Bryan, anything more and you'll have to accept that your grandchildren will become permanent residents. 
Or your children for that matter.
We love you. I am one lucky daughter-in-law with even luckier children. xoxo

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