Friday, 17 January 2014

Miriam's 1 Year Photos

My good friend Marlo is a wonderfully talented photographer and Miriam and I had the privilege to spend an afternoon with her a couple days before Miriam's first birthday. Here's some of my favourites from that day.
Last night, as I was putting Miriam to bed I realised I'm going to miss the sound of her sucking her thumb. It's one of my favourite noises.
 This adorable headband lasted in her hair a whole 10 seconds
 Eating baby treats as efficiently as possible. Food may not have been the best pacifyer for our model.
At one point she started playing peek-a-boo with her dress. Where's Miriam???
 There she is!
and so on
 A behind-the-scenes candid moment
 That day we had just had a big snowfall, first or second of the season. It was so beautiful.
 Miriam really wanted to get outside and play
She settled for cuddles and kisses.
I'm sad our first year with Miriam is already over but we are so lucky to have more to come. Thank you Marlo for capturing this brief moment in time.

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