Thursday, 14 November 2013

Aedia's Fourth Birthday Party!

My niece, Aedia, turned FOUR YEARS OLD yesterday. Meanwhile, I haven't aged a day...
Time does fly.
 The birthday girl with one of her amazing grandpas. 
Lucky girl had all her grandparents there!
As you can see she is wearing her "Christmas dress" even though it's her birthday.
(her words)
 Aedia was very good about reading all the cards before opening each gift.
But she was very serious about getting those gifts open when it came to it.
Georgina was also very helpful through the whole process. She believes in efficiet gift-unwrapping and will lend a hand where she sees fit.
  Katie made delicious cake! Or trifle. yummy yummy. 
It was oreo and strawberry at Aedia's request. Girl has great tastes.
Can't talk. Eating cake. 
This was the only moment of silence all evening.

And here's a little video of the evening.

You're growing up so fast and so beautifully.

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