Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Daughter Looks Like Alan Jackson

A Note: This post was written a long time ago for another blog. A blog with a tasteless name according to my parents. A blog that shall not be named. I've moved it over to Georgina and Miriam to share with more people. And because my kids aren't really generating much content this week so I'm forced to recycle. Enjoy! Or if you read it already on that other seedy blog, enjoy again!

Georgina has had some rotten luck in the hair department.
She started off with very little, resembling George Costanza. Look at all that forehead. We still call her George to this day.
just terrible....
And when it finally did come in it resembled more and more like a country singer's bad haircut.... at least it wasn't George Costanza??
Dead ringer for Keith Urban
The Billy Ray period was brief but no less disconcerting
And finally her metamorphosis was complete when she reached Alan Jackson, circa Chattahoochee, level. (This description was first made by my sister. Sorry G, blame Auntie Morgan).
The worst part about all this is Alan Jackson, circa Chattahoochee, wasn't the low point. The low point came when she was having a bangs-in-her-face problem so I brought her to the hair dresser and with all her talents, the hair dresser did this
Blunt cut across her forehead from ear to ear. Nice. Let's get a better look.
Jagged and uneven. 
Look at that depth. She literally gets it halfway to the back of G's head. And don't think this was a twitchy toddlers fault. My daughter is close to impossible on almost all matters but she behaves like an angel when in a barber's chair. Probably something to do with a complete stranger holding a weapon-like object up to her face....

To resolve this problem we resorted to this
Ya, that oughta do it.

**Update: Since this post Georgina has had better luck in the hair department and for the most part has a pretty stylish coiffe.... for the most part.

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