Thursday, 15 October 2015

Aldor Acres 2015

Today we went to aldor acres with Miriam's preschool class. She goes to the same preschool as Georgina but is in a younger class on opposite days of Georgina. 
Aldor Acres is a local pumpkin patch and petting zoo. I wrote about it two years ago when we were there last. Miriam got a lot more out of it this time. 
This is Zeus. He is a bull. He is a giant. And Miriam has no fear. She just walked right up to him and made him her friend. 
I don't know this bull's name but he shares a pen with Zeus and is cool if you sit on him so the girls did. 
Georgina declared herself a bull rider while sitting on this guy. 
Then we went into the barn where the children are encouraged to climb in and hold and pet all the animals. There were baby bunnies, baby chickens, a baby cow, guinee pigs, donkeys, alpacas, and baby pigs!
This kitty cat is so gentle and patient and the girls gave her treats so she loved them and let them hold her and pet her and she fell asleep beside Georgina and no cat has ever done that for them before. The girls were so taken with her you'd think they'd never seen a cat before. She's also a third the size of either of our cats so I guess she was quite novel. 
We then went on a tractor pulled hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. Each girl was allowed to pick out whatever pumpkin they like as long as they could pick it up and carry it all by themselves.
So they chose small. 
After the hay ride the class trip was over but we were allowed to stay. So we bought some feed and went to see the goats. Those goats are aggressive when they see small children with bags of food. Aggressive but friendly.  
After feeding the goats we walked around and looked at the chickens and sheep. The chickens aren't cooped up in the day time and the girls had fun chasing them. 
We stopped to say hi to this cow/steer/who knows. It has a HUGE hump on its back and was quite friendly.  
Then the girls wanted to go back into the barn with the cat and bunnies and they climbed up, danced on, and ran around on these hay bales. For two hours. There was music playing in the barn so they were quite entertained. 
We then went on another hay ride and I bought four more pumpkins and then the girls pet and fed a 4 year old giant Turkey named Cecille and at that point we'd been there 6 hours and my phone was dead so we bought some jam and left. 
Tomorrow we have Georgina's class trip to an apple orchard. Oof. 

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