Wednesday, 15 January 2014

FINALLY A Park Day!!

It has been a looooong winter even though it's only just begun. We have spent a lot of time indoors lately, illness being mostly to blame, but also this cold, wet weather. Every fall I promise I won't become a mole in the winter with all intentions to get to the park everyday. Instead I wimp out and our days mostly look like this 
Or this 
Or this
And this
It's been a drag. So I was really really excited when I noticed the weather warming up this week. And even more excited to be feeling much better. Not 100% but a huge improvement to the past three weeks. So I got us bundled up and we went to the park!
Miriam was beside herself with joy. And Georgina picked out her best park outfit.
We met up with our good friends, Leo and Max. It has been a long time since we've played with them but the kids got along beautifully. Best friends. 
Leo still prefers the company of Miriam. He adores her. And she's a big fan of the attention. 
And Georgina played nicely with Max. 
Anne and I had a great visit saying nothing but nice things about our children and spouses. Of course. 
Leo and Georgina played a great game of .... Well I'm not quite sure but it was an elaborate and imaginative game that mostly consisted of up the ladder and down the slide. 
Miriam chilled on the swing a long time. This is her happy face. 
The best part about the park today was when it was time to go G was awesome. I'm not even being sarcastic. I asked if we should go have lunch and she bounded towards home. I call that a win. 
It was a great day. 
Proof I was there 

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