Thursday, 3 July 2014

The One With The Dentist

Today started off pretty boring 
Jam toast again?
But the sun came out so we got to play outside in the sprinkler
Miriam loathes getting sprayed with water. The water park is her idea of torture. She's quite happy playing at her water table while G loves running through the sprinkler. 
In the afternoon Georgina had her first real dental appointment. She was AWESOME! She behaved so well and besides shooting death glares at Dr. Jenn remained cooperative. 
Miriam loved the dentist office as well because she got to play with a dollhouse all by herself for 40 minutes!! No big sister snatching away the toys or pushing her out of the way. Bliss. 
Then in the evening, after dinner, we went out on the trampoline and played a little kick ball. Not the actual game. We just kicked a ball. Yes, G plays soccer in her ballet outfit. 
Then it was time for bed

Do you remember how G used to sing "if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops"? It came with a routine. I taught the song to Miri tonight. She picked it up right away and LOVED it. Here she is doing part of the routine. Her face is TOO cute (eeeeeeeek)
Dave commented how similar to G she looks here. She's catching up and looking more big girl everyday. Much to my protest. 
We had Ben yesterday and I got some cute pics from that too. I'll share them soon! 


  1. Oh my! The kids are adorable. Seems like you all had a nice day out in the sun. They seem to have enjoyed playing outside with the sprinkler on. Anyway, I'm glad to know that Georgina wasn't a handful when she went to the dentist. She sure did a great job, considering it was her first trip. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us! All the best! :)

    Dr. Gerald Regni @ Philly-Dentist

  2. Brilliant! It's nice that Miriam really took to her first trip to the dentist extremely well, despite those death glares. Hahaha! That should be a good start of a sound oral health. Anyway, it seems that you had such a great day. I hope you get to experience more moments like that. All the best!

    Shannon Barrett @ Best Care Dental Center