Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Sunny Park Day With Friends

One sunny day a couple weeks ago - who has time to blog? - we went for a walk to our local playground and met up with Anne, Leo and Max.
Georgina sang and marched merrily to the park.
And she helped push Miriam part of the way. 
She cannot see where she's going but is adamant that you do not help her.
Always the big girl.

Almost there....
It's just at the end of this path...
Through the trees...
 Over the bridge...
Up the hill....
And we're here!!!
Leo adores Miriam. The little dude in red is Max, Leo's brother, who is one month older than Miriam.
Leo played so well with Miriam and she loved every moment.
Georgina and Leo started playing a questionable game of Shove Each Other Off The Stump. 
They LOVED it. So we let it play out.
Action Shot!
And they played Follow The Leader. 
But then it was time to say goodbye.
Those eyebrows!!!!
Goodbye kiss for his favourite
On our way home Georgina stopped to watch the school kids playing at recess. She didn't understand why she couldn't go in and play too. Don't worry Georgina, you'll be old enough too soon. 

Thanks Anne, Leo and Max for a great play date. I'm sorry they don't happen more often!

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