Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tot Romp

This morning Dave apparently gave Georgina pure sugar for breakfast because she was running around the house in circles just screaming (I'm not positive he did but she was exceptional today). I packed up the girls and brought them to tot romp, an indoor playground organised at the community centre for daily drop ins, in the hopes of burning off all that energy. We met up with Georgina's good friend Jackson and his little brother Oliver.

Miriam drove around
 While G did some climbing
Miriam scooted
While G worked on her balance beam skills. Look at that form!
Miriam played with Oliver
And Georgina played with Jackson
The parachute was the highlight.

Both girls fell asleep as soon as we got home so I would say it was a success! That or G was crashing from her sugar high. Here's a video summery of the day.

**You can click on the video to enlarge it if you would like.

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