Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ice Cream For Breakfast

Apparently we don't feed our kids and they are left to fend for themselves. Maybe it's neglect or laziness. Or maybe we are fostering independence? Or maybe I turned my back for one second and my child's an opportunist. Either way, this morning Miriam took matters into her own hands. I'm quite proud of her actually. I walk into the kitchen to find this
I'm not even mad. Just impressed. She even used a spoon! Such etiquette. At least we know she's not an animal. 
And what does one do when they find their wee one eating icecream out of the bucket for breakfast?
Join them! Naturally. We shared a few bites together and all was merry. A sweet moment of bonding. But there's only so much chocolate icecream a mother can allow her child to eat for breakfast (I'm not a grandma!). That's when it all went sour. 
She had a full blown screaming tantrum and was so overcome with rage she hid herself in the garbage cupboard when I said "All done!"
I can see you! 
Such big feelings in such a small body. The chocolate sugar high only working against her at this point. 
In general Miriam's pretty easy going with a sweet disposition. But she turns into a tiny tornado when she's mad. Us laughing at the adorable futility of it only fuels her rage. 
Kudos to you Miriam. You get a gold star for resourcefulness. 

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