Saturday, 25 January 2014

Vancouver Aquarium

To break up routine and overcome some winter blues Dave and I took the girls to the aquarium last week. It was a beautiful but chilly day and made all four of us pretty happy about life. 
First stop was this dry water park that the girls went bonkers over but was as underwhelming as a water park in winter (That's an expression right?)
Georgina loved it anyway 
"Look mommy! A turkey!" she says pointing at a seagull....
Inside the aquarium there was much to see and do. Georgina's favourite were the teeny baby jelly fish and running away from us. 
Miriam was getting pretty frustrated that she couldn't get inside the tanks and started throwing herself onto the ground or ramming her head into the tanks in protest. I think our laughing at her just made her angrier. 
We saw stingrays 
And sea turtles 
And these birds
And more jelly fish
And the belugas! My favourite in the whole place. So calm. 
Georgina's favourite exhibit? The mirror. She spent a lot of time here. No joke. 
The girls enjoyed a snack under the shark tank and then it was time to go. 
We didn't see the penguins or dolphins and it was hard to get a good picture of the adorable otters or the "scary" crocodile. It was a short visit but made for a great day. As soon as my children are healthy again (yes they're sick AGAIN)  we'll find another adventure. 
Proof we were there. 

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